About nend

nend is the leading ad network in Japan provides mobile advertising and monetization solutions for advertisers and publishers

Reasons to choose nend

Publisher Transparency

All distributing publishers are transparent.
You can check publishers and manage distribution.

Reporting function

Full overview.
You can check the results of individual banners or publishers hourly.
Advanced administrative tools.

Customizing the time of distribution

You can appoint the time and/or day of the week to distribute per advertisement.

Optimization function

Optimization Tool
We have an automatic optimization tool for campaigns to ensure you get the best results from your advertisements.
You can check publishers and manage distribution.

Targeting Options

You can target your audience to meet your needs, such as:

  • OS (iOS/Android)
  • Device
  • Gender
  • Specific Keyword

No Initial Cost Needed

We only charge for CPC.
You can set the daily and total budget.